Nature Park “Pape” is located in Nica and Rucava Municipalities, Liepāja District, SW Part of Latvia.It was established in 2004. The nature park is designated as EU Natura 2000 site. The total size of the nature park is 51777ha, divided into 3 functional zones (please see map below):

1. Nature Reserve zone (5663 ha) to protect the Lake Pape, Nida Bog ecosystems and high coastal dunes in the NW part of the nature park.
2. Nature Park zone (44733 ha) is created as buffer zone for nature reserves and according the legislation sustainable development trends should be applied to this territory. The Baltic Sea part is important waterfowl wintering areas Important Bird Areas (IBA) in Europe (LV-001, LV 002, LV 006).
3. Neutral zone (1381 ha) is created to protect the traditional historical-cultural values of the local fishermen villages and traditions.

Please find the nature park zoning map here.

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