Initiating habitat restoration activities in Lake Pape

5. January, 2015

On the 22nd of December a presentation for project COASTLAKE was held, during which participants were introduced to the nature values of the Lake Pape and planned activities on habitat management and restoration (2015-2017).

About the event tells World Wildlife Fund's Rural Development Program manager Ints Mednis: "During the presentation we introduced visitors with already accomplished as well as planned activities. At the moment, thanks to the weather, we can cut close to the places where we are planning to carry out excavation work in the summer. Overall cut-down area is planned to be 320 hectares large.”

"Nature park “Pape” visitors were able to watch the reed mower TRUXOR activity that will be used in the lake habitat management." TRUXOR reed mower is very powerful. With its help, islands for bird nesting will be prepared" said the Nature Park "Pape" Water resource Monitoring Officer Sergey Larin.

During the event the new nature park "Pape" website was presented, in which has been developed park map with attraction points for nature tourism, including for example best places to listen to the great bittern. Not only habitat restoration works were discussed for Lake Pape, but visitors were also introduced with the measures planned on Lake Engure.


The aim of the COASTLAKE project is to promote awareness of the coastal wetlands for ecological, economic and social value by explaining ecosystem functions and services, as well as to promote the wetlands dependent species (such as the great bittern) protection.