Pape Nature Park mobile app developed for iOS and Android

12. September, 2017

Free app for Pape Nature Park can be downloaded here:



The World Wide Fund for Nature introduces a new, user-friendly mobile app for Pape Nature Park that will make your visit educational and easy to plan. App is available for both iOS and Android and includes all points of interest, guesthouses, boat rental and other useful information. This is the first mobile app in Latvia that has been created for a specific protected habitat by following successful European examples

Pape Nature Park zone hosts unique ecosystems, beautiful sceneries and captivating points of interest: the coast of the Baltic Sea and dunes, Lake Pape, Nida raised bog, rich cultural heritage, many nature trails, wild horses, auroxen and European bison. The new app shows the user’s location and the distance to the nearest point of interest, allowing for a user-friendly and easy way to plan the visit. App is available in Latvian and English and its download requires an Internet connection. App was developed as part of project COASTLAKE.


Pape Nature Park was established in 2004, covers 10 853 ha and is located in Nica and Rucava Municipalities, SW Part of Latvia. The park is composed of a unique, diverse mosaic of ecosystems: lagoon lake and wetlands at the coast, raised peat bog with transitional bogs, sandy beaches and dunes, dry and wet coastal forests, flood-land meadows with distinct flora and fauna. Wild horses, auroxen and European bison can be seen at the park, while the Pape lake area is one of the best bird watching spots in Latvia during the migration period.


The nature park is designated as EU Natura 2000 site and part of the park is also included in The Ramsar site list according to The Convention on Wetlands of International Importance.