The best places for listening the great bittern!

13. November, 2015

The Eurasian or great bittern – quite big height (64-80 cm) russet colour heron family bird – visually seen comparatively rarely. Nevertheless he has special and very well hearable voice! We are inviting you to get to know the great bittern near the lake Pape, where more tenths of nesting couples live.

The great bittern is mainly active in the morning and evening twilight hours that is why the best time for listening bittern voice is two hours before and after sunset or sunrise from April till June.

The best places to listen to the great bittern:

  • * Kalniski, pasture of wild horses and taurs;
  • * The North polder of the lake Pape;
  • * Bird ambuscade near the brook Kalniski;
  • * Near the channel Pape;
  • * Near the embouchure of the Ligupe.


The example of the bittern voice – here!


The great bittern is excellent at camouflaging; not only his unusual posture helps him to camouflage, but also his speckled, tanning feathering. In the case of emergency he straightens himself, his neck and beak upright and retreats back while swinging like a reed.


The protection and saving of habitat of the great bittern Botaurus stellaris in the nature park “Pape” in the lake Pape is done thanks to project Nr.LIFE12 NAT/LV/000118 COASTLAKE “Restoration of Bittern habitats in two coastal lakes in Latvia” that is financed by European Union LIFE+ Nature and biological diversity program and Latvian environmental protection