Help in the fragmentation of reed beds is being provided by SIA Royal Reed

26. January, 2016

Despite the wintry weather conditions in Pape Nature Park, work to restore Lake Pape’s habitats continued throughout January. This work involved the felling of trees and bushes and the mowing of reeds on an island on Lake Pape, as well as mowing a corridor to fragment reeds among the dense reed beds.

In order to speed up the work of mowing reeds, Pasaules Dabas Fonds has started to work together with SIA Royal Reed, a company based in the Parish of Rucava. SIA Royal Reed is mowing reeds in places specially designated in the action plan for the protection of the Eurasian bittern (Botaurus stellaris) and the conservation of its habitats on Lake Pape, which is part of Pape Nature Park.

Pape Nature Park was established in 2003 to protect a unique complex of wetlands of international importance, as well as nesting and migrating birds.

The protection of the Eurasian bittern and its habitat in Lake Pape, which is part of Pape Nature Park, is provided thanks to Project No.LIFE12 NAT/LV/000118 COASTLAKE “Restoration of Bittern Habitats in Two Coastal Lakes in Latvia”, which is financed by the European Union’s LIFE+ Nature and Biological Diversity programme and the Latvian Environmental Protection Fund.