Recreation centre “Pūķarags”

Tualete Naktsmītne Teltsvietas Kempings Stāvlaukums

The recreation complex „Pūķarags” is located on the coast of the Baltic Sea in the Pape Nature Park.

Thanks in part to its location, relaxation at „Pūķarags” will be interesting, exciting and unique. Such activities as walks along the coast of the Baltic Sea, or peaceful enjoyment of nature provide for truly unforgettable holidays!

The recreation complex „Pūķarags” offers:

  • Camping house (four bed lodging 20 – 46 EUR);
  • Guest house (two bed lodging 40 – 70 EUR);
  • Banquet hall; 
  • Wood-fired hot tub + sauna;
  • Trailers and mobile homes (50 – 70 EUR);
  • Campsites.


Contact us:
+371 28378625

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