Large herbivore grazing area

Makšķerēšanas iespējas Savvaļas zirgi Putnu vērošana Atkritumus mest šeit Tualete Teltsvietas Piknika vieta


Large herbivore grazing area is an excellent place for birdwatching! Please pay the entrance fee before entering the grazing area. 

Download a list of the Pape bird species!


Want to go birdwatching with an expert guide?

Marvellously picturesque in autumn and spring!
To find out more and apply, call: +371 29224331
Groups up to 8 people – 90 EUR. 

Grazing area

The Large herbivore natural grazing area was established in the Eastern coast of the Lake Pape in 1999. Currently the natural grazing area exceeds 400 ha and everyone can explore, how these animals are restoring the natural open landscape at the shores of the Lake Pape. 


Excursions to the wild horses, auroxen are only available using local guides!

The excursions are organized all year around by paying the entrance fee. 

You should reserve at least one hour for a walk in the grazing area and be prepared by nature presence e.g. tall grass, weather conditions and insects. Also all visitors should follow the safety regulations, which are depicted at the entrance of the grazing area.



Warden Sarmite Sedlina 
Tel.: +371 26167333 


Entrance fee:

1,5 EUR – schoolchildren, pensioners, students
3 EUR – adults
4 EUR – family (2 adults and at least 1 child)

Group fees:

25 EUR (from 15 - 40 schoolchildren, pensioners, students)
45 EUR (adults)



10:00 – 19:00 (MAY – OCTOBER)
During other months by calling the guide in advance by phone. 


It is strictly prohibited to walk in the grazing area and approach the animals without informing the guide!