Lake Pape N polder

Putnu vērošana Kājniekiem

Lake Pape Northern Polder

The Lake Pape area is one of the best birdwatching destinations in Latvia, especially during migration season.

During autumn and spring, thousands of migratory birds and bats use the Baltic - White Sea migration route. The most patient birdwatchers can catch nearly every Latvian bird species in autumn!

A good choice for birdwatching during migration season is the Lake Pape Northern Polder.


Download a list of the Pape bird species!


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Marvellously picturesque in autumn and spring!

To find out more and apply, call: +371 29224331

Groups up to 8 people – 90 EUR. 


If you notice any activities harmful to the Nature Park or the residing species, call +371 29108847 (The Public Environmental Inspector at the State Environmental Service).