Nature trails



The trail starts in Pape village, next to the Fishery.

Mark on trail: yellow marks

Letting your imagination roam, the path of natural processes will take you for a trip within a realm of pristine nature. On tour journey you will have five stops: the lake, meadow, forest, bog and dunes. Each of these stops explains how the beauty of nature-the landscape is formed. It is a tale about natural processes catalysed by, for example, water, fire, wind and the large herbivores.

The landscape, you will see walking along the Path, is not entirely natural. However, try to discern pristine nature among planted forests, drainage ditches and floodgates!


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9,1 km / ~4,5 - 5 hours
light walk
Peldvieta Nūjošanas trase Dabas taka, kājnieku maršruts Apskates objekts Nemest atkritumus Neplūkt, nevākt augus Velomaršruts, velobraucējiem