Nature trails

Lake Pape trail

The Nature trail around Lake Pape invites you to 32 km long hiking or mountain biking tour. Trail starts in Pape village, just after the channel bridge, where you can find information stands about the tourism infrastructure. On the way you will see various sightseeing places: the bird watching tower and a hide, rivers – Paurupe and Ligupe, beaver dams, wet meadows, wild horses, auroxen, Šķilu lime-trees, sacred-grove and Ezerskola sacred stone, Pape polder, black alder forest, spruce forest, pine forest, Ornithological station, Pape lighthouse.

You can also use the camping places on the shore of the lake and enjoy a beautiful landscape and nature!

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32 km / ~ 6 - 9 hours
Savvaļas zirgi Dabas taka, kājnieku maršruts Putnu vērošana Apskates objekts Nemest atkritumus Galds ar solu Teltsvietas Velomaršruts, velobraucējiem