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Wild orchid path

In Pape Nature Park during the nineties wild orchid species couldn’t be found, nevertheless, since 1999, when 18 wild horses were brought from Netherlands almost every year a new kind of orchid has been discovered. 

„Particularly the importance of wild herbivores is determinant in the occurrence of orchids,” explains the head of the rural development programme Ints Mednis. 



- The short orchid path is located next to the large herbivore grazing area in Kalnišķi

Information stands are available (only in Latvian). You can explore different orchids in the grazing area only together with local guide. Please buy the ticket for entering the grazing area beforehand. The same ticket is valid for exploring the wild horses and auroxen.  

Best time for visit – June & July.  


Wild orchid path in Pape Nature Park

"When extending the grazing after few years in places, where animals ate off till the mid June, burnt orchids started to grow. Currently every year the number of newly discovered orchids increases. Meadows became more blooming and multiflorous. The fastest and the best growing orchids are moorland spotted orchid and early marsh orchid, but in a past few years the greater butterfly orchid can be found as well..."


20 min
Short trail with information about orchids
Savvaļas zirgi Ģimenei Dabas taka, kājnieku maršruts Tualete Neplūkt, nevākt augus Galds ar solu Stāvlaukums